Precision Cutting-March 9th-Loveland, CO

Class Training Topics        

  • Chainsaw Safety/Skill assessment
  • Proper work Positioning on a spar
  • Proper Handling and Starting procedures on a spar
  • Precision cutting method from a spar

*Only 20 Hands-On spots available per class

*Must have at least 6 months climbing experience

Includes breakfast & lunch

Climbing Gear

Personal climbing gear is optional and must pass gear inspection prior to use.

  • (PPE) Personal Protective equipment:  ie footwear (boots), helmet, work attire, safety glasses and ear protection
  • Chainsaw protective pants or chaps (optional)
  • Climbing Harness / Climbing Rope  (recommended)
  • Climbing System and Lanyard/ Flip Line (recommended)
  • Climbing spurs/gaffs (recommended)
  • Rear handle chainsaw 18-32” bar (recommended)

Phone: 800-780-0307


931 N Van Buren Ave., Loveland, Colorado, 80537, United States

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