Academy 5-Day Boot Camp

Class Training Topics

  • Climber Operations
  • Aerial Rescue
  • Chainsaw operations 
  • Precision cutting on a spar
  • Felling Operations

*30 spots available 

*Must have at least 6 months climbing experience

Includes breakfast, lunch & dinner

Climbing Gear

Personal climbing gear is optional and must pass gear inspection prior to use.

Required Gear:

  • (PPE) Personal Protective equipment:  ie footwear (boots), helmet, work attire, safety glasses and ear protection 


1544 Ludwig Avenue, Santa Rosa, California, 95407, United States



You are more than welcome to stay in the bunkhouse, which is located on company grounds for free or you can stay in a nearby hotel at your own costs. If you do decide to stay in the bunkhouse please bring a warm sleeping bag and pillow.

Breakfast lunch and dinner will be provided by the Academy.

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