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    Academy Trained Boot Camp

    Class Training Topics Climbing Operations Aerial Rescue Chainsaw operations  Precision cutting on a spar Felling Operations *30 spots available  *Must have at least 6 months…
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    Stihl Chain Saw Safety Manual Written Exam

    <p>Exam Only_ Student must read and understand the Stihl Chainsaw Safety Manual in order to pass the quizzes and final exam. Exam prepared by Academy Trained. </p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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    First Aid / CPR

    Class Training Topics         (JSA)Job Safety Analysis (ERP) Emergency Response Plan First Aid CPR Bloodborne pathogens (AED) Automated external defibrillator *Only 30 spots available per…
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    EHAP/Aerial Rescue

    Class Training Topics         (EHAP) Electrical Hazard Awareness Program (ERP) Emergency Response Plan Climber Aerial Rescue Aerial Lift Rescue  *Only 30 spots available per class…
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    Aerial Rescue 1

    <p>The Aerial Rescue 1 course will teach you (ERP) Emergency Response Plan, Climber Aerial Rescue, and Aerial Lift Rescue.</p>
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    Aerial Rescue II

    Class Training Topics (ERP) Emergency Response Plan Advanced Climbing Rescue Techniques Aerial Rescue on a Spar  *Only 30 Hands-On spots available per class*Must have at…